Does the thought of writing blog posts give you the heebie-jeebies?

You probably think you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, or you don’t consider yourself a “writer” so the thought of sharing your writing with the entire world sends shivers down your spine.

Trust me, I’ve been there!

I’m here to assure you that you DO have valuable things to say and you don’t have to be an expert writer. In fact, there are a few types of blogs you can create that involve little writing at all!

Here are 3 of the most common types of blog posts:

1. Written Blog Posts

Your Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds are filled with links to written posts like news articles or “How to” tips. But many people feel intimidated by creating written posts, so they don’t even start. Or, they promise themselves they will write a new post every week and end up abandoning it because it is too much work.

Tip: The entire burden of writing blog posts shouldn’t fall on one person, so ask others in your company to contribute posts. Your company is filled with experts on a variety of subjects, and they should share their knowledge on your blog. So ask them!

Idea: For example, engineering firms must keep up with new trends in the industry. You could ask your social media account manager to write about those topics, but it’s so much more authentic if it is coming from someone with expert knowledge. Ask your engineers to write about a new innovation they’ve learned, or how they made a building more efficient. This will spread the workload and make your entire team feel invested in the success of the company.

Here are examples of written posts from other members of our faculty:


Am I too old for social media

2. Photo Blog Post

What do you see the most of on social networks like Facebook? Lots and lots of pictures of people.

Why not take the pictures you post to your company’s Facebook page and also create a blog post with them? Picture posts can be read quickly and people love seeing photos of other people.

Tip: When you or someone from your company attends a work-related event, make sure to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures! More importantly, include people you want to do business with in the photos! Make it fun by asking people to take selfies with you. Selfies often make the most interesting pictures and you’d be surprised by who will play along!

Idea: After the event, collect pictures from the people who were there and upload them to a post on your blog. You could include short written descriptions of what’s happening or who is in the picture, but that isn’t even necessary.

Here are examples of photo posts from events:

Martin City’s Irishpalooza Recap:

Martin City Irishpalooza

EDC’s Cornerstone Awards Wrap-Up:

EDC Cornerstone Awards Recap

3. Video Blog Post

Video brings your blog to life because it shows off the personality of the people working at your company. The good news is that video has never been cheaper or easier to create because smartphones make it easy for anyone to create videos and broadcast it to the world on YouTube.

Tip: Always script your videos and keep them short (three minutes or less). Think about how you watch YouTube videos: you watch a few seconds and then skip forward to find the “good stuff.” If it doesn’t grab your attention, you shut it off and move on. If your video rambles on and on, people will stop watching.

Idea: Once a month, use your smartphone to create a video of someone talking about a relevant topic in your industry. Again, spread the workload around to others in the company so it isn’t always the same person on camera. Finally, make sure you upload the video directly to your company’s Facebook page! Facebook gives higher priority to videos directly uploaded, so it will show up in more people’s newsfeed.

Here’s an example:

Creating blog posts doesn’t have to be intimidating. Make sure to spread the love around to different people in your company so your social media account manager or marketing team isn’t responsible for all the content. Finally, create different types like written, picture and video. It will give variety to your blog and you won’t feel those heebie-jeebies every time you sit down to write a post!

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