I recently accepted a position with ThinkViral and even given a fancy title as Director of Commercial Operations. When I was offered the job, “The Boss” says…. “you will be replacing the intern!”


I’ve worked in the “real world” for 30+ years but I’ve certainly never replaced an intern! That’s if you don’t count my first job where I WAS the intern.

The whole scenario reminds me of the Vince Vaughn movie, “The Internship,” where he and Owen Wilson were interns trying to transition careers and move into the fast-paced world of technology, chock-full of cool kids, of course.

It appears that now, I am the one in that transitional position.…. changing careers from what I knew in Corporate America to what I sort of know in the world of small business and technology startups….there is a lot to learn. Things move very fast, and yes, there are always cool kids around. Always. They deeply understand the technology they use to communicate because they’ve never been without it. The intern I’m replacing is a Stanford engineering student… can I possibly compete with that?


I may not know how all the magical online social media hoopla works but what I do bring is business wisdom and that’s not something an intern can bring to the table, even if they try.


What is business wisdom? Business wisdom comes from a deep understanding of how Corporate America buys and sells products and services. It comes from understanding how our economy works and how those key players in leadership roles influence business decisions – at a variety of levels.

You know how you gain business wisdom? By failing. And trying again. And failing again. And being knocked down just when you thought you were on your way up. Again and again and again.

What does “The Boss” say about that? “Welcome to startup life, my friend! You just described our world to a tee,” she says. “You’ll fit right in.” Yes, I will fit right in because I have tons of business wisdom!

The business of social media is based on relationships and those who understand that best are those who tend to also be the most business savvy. If you are like me, in the 50+-year-old category of life, there’s no need to despair over the technology. The cool kids don’t know what you know and social networks online are not that difficult to figure out in terms of how to push the buttons. You can’t break them.

Think about how you grow your friendships… it’s the same in business… it’s the same when you do business on social networks. It’s all about talking to people you want to spend time with… and actually being present on the networks at least a few times a week to do that work. It’s not kids work. It’s business development work. There’s not a right age for that.

Stay social my friends!

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