Look Who’s Acting Human Online: TREKK Design Group!

You often hear companies SAY they focus on the people who work there, but we know that isn’t always the case. TREKK Design Group, a woman-owned, Kansas City-based civil engineering firm, focuses on IMPROVING LIVES - especially that of their employees and those affected by their work. Because of this focus on PEOPLE, we decided [...]

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Who’s Acting Human Online? Johnson County Automotive!

Have you ever taken your car somewhere for repairs and weren’t sure if you were being taken advantage of? You know the drill... you go in for one issue and they somehow find several other things that need fixing. Ugh! Wouldn’t it be dreamy if a car shop existed where you knew the humans that [...]

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Who’s Acting Human Online: The Nerdery

We know all about nerds at the Social Media Business School. You know - those students (and sometimes… professors) with taped glasses, pants that don’t fit, and toilet paper stuck to their shoes. Our school’s motto is “Act Human Online.” The problem is - many nerds don’t know how to act human in social situations, [...]