Mailbag Monday: What Should Your LinkedIn Summary Say?

This week’s question is about LinkedIn summaries. Does this sound like you? Q: What should my ‘LinkedIn Summary say? Can I just copy and paste my resume and call it good? - Resume Randy A: Dear Randy, the answer is NO. Unless you are a recruiter, LinkedIn shouldn’t be viewed as a Rolodex of resumes. [...]

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How I Royally Screwed Up On LinkedIn

Usually, I am pretty savvy when it comes to social networks. Heck, I was using Twitter before Ashton Kutcher became the first person to gain one million Twitter followers in 2009. I have always tried to live by the unwritten rules of social networks. For example, I’ve never tweeted a picture of the omelet I [...]

Why My LinkedIn Summary Sucked (And How You Can Fix Yours)

Your LinkedIn summary probably looks a lot like mine did when I first signed up. You may not have been sure what to write so you just copied and pasted your professional resume into the summary section. It likely includes: Fancy POWER verbs (Developed, Created, Designed, Instructed) Impressive statistics (Grew profitability by 120%, Increased sales [...]

What George Foreman Can Teach Us About Social Selling

Do you remember the infomercial for the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine? I sure do. I have cooked many burgers, chicken breasts and bratwursts on that grill. It was fast, simple and endorsed by boxing legend George Foreman. If it was good enough for George, then it was good enough for my kitchen! [...]