Introducing Mailbag Monday

Each week, we open up our school’s mailbag to answer YOUR questions about how to use social media for business development. The answers are quick, to the point and (hopefully) provide clarity so you can intuitively move forward. If you have a question, please e-mail Coach Allam or tweet him at @CoachAllam and ask! We may just [...]

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3 Types of Posts For Your Company’s Blog

Does the thought of writing blog posts give you the heebie-jeebies? You probably think you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, or you don’t consider yourself a “writer” so the thought of sharing your writing with the entire world sends shivers down your spine. Trust me, I’ve been there! I’m here to assure you that [...]

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Social Media and the 2016 (Angry) Election

Believe it or not, the average person has 3 different social networks they check every day. I personally spend at least 8+ hours a day on social media… of course, it’s my job, but also because it’s fun and I enjoy it. Unfortunately, the way things have been looking online lately, I can’t wait for [...]

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How to Make a Viral Video

You can’t. Every business wants to create the next gigantic hit that goes viral, like “Chewbacca Mom” or “Dollar Shave Club.” Unfortunately, those internet sensations are extremely rare and almost impossible to duplicate. A “viral video” is one that’s so useful or entertaining to your audience they feel compelled to share it with their own [...]

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Should Your Business #SitOneOut on Social Media?

Remember flash mobs? What about the Harlem Shake? Social media phenomena apparently don't end after college! I remember being firmly planted in a conservative corporate job when my boss asked everyone to volunteer for a flash-mob-Harlem-shake video. Oh, and we needed to find someone to plank in the front! Clearly, social media trends bleed into [...]

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How to Manage Social Media Over a Holiday

When you're hustling to get out of the office for a holiday break, you may not even think about how to manage your company's while you're off. The problem is, social media doesn't take a three-day weekend! In fact, it's a prime opportunity for you to talk to those you want to do business with. [...]

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How to Record Video on Your Phone

Do you know how to hold your phone to record videos? Many people screw it up and end up with the sides cut off and it just looks horrible. If this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from V.V.S. What is V.V.S.? V.V.S. stands for Vertical Video Syndrome, and it occurs when people hold their phones [...]

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Introducing Spammy Sammy: The Student We Struggle to Reign In!

Your company joined a social network with good intentions. You wanted to get your company out there talking to people in order to generate sales, right? Unfortunately, not everyone understands how social media works and many companies have unintentionally hired a person we, at Social Media Business School, know all too well…. His name is [...]

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