Coach Court Allam


When you think of coaches, you might flashback to your high school basketball coach screaming, “You do the running, I’ll do the crying!” You had a coach like that, right? Ugh! Many people shout on social media about how great they are, plead for “likes,” and bribe people to share their posts. It’s like Richard Simmons taught them how to use social media: they are loud, but they are annoying.

Coach Allam is ThinkViral’s senior multi-media producer and trainer and is the head coach at He specializes in showing companies how to use social media as a business development tool rather than spending tons of time on “brand awareness,” and offers an easy to follow system so companies can stay on track.

Coach Allam and Team ThinkViral offer Business development training for sales and marketing teams, membership organizations, and decision makers, outsourced social media for companies who don’t have time to do the day to day networking, and online classes for business owners, salespeople, and marketing professionals through their online platform.

You can find Coach Allam in the Social Media Business “Gym, on Twitter at @CoachAllam, on LinkedIn, or email direct, [email protected]