Dear Facebook:

In a few short years, your mobile app has become one of the most popular and powerful programs in computer history. Unfortunately, it has one major flaw: our ability to interact with other pages as a page we manage.

It’s so simple on your website. When we find a post we want to like, comment on or share as our page, we can change the drop down to a page we manage.

For some strange reason, this function is missing from the mobile app. In fact, it is impossible for us to interact as our page from the app.

The insane thing is you know how to do it! How do we know? Sometimes (but not all the time) when someone mentions our page, we have the option to switch between accounts. Why would you build in this function, but not make it available for all posts?


You may argue that most people manage their pages from a computer at work and not a mobile device. But that’s not true. We often have a few minutes to interact while we are waiting to pick up our kids from school or a meeting. It would be nice if we could interact using our mobile device.

Perhaps you will say the Pages app is designed to manage our page. Unfortunately, we haven’t found much use for that app. Sure we can see some of the things behind the scenes, like notifications and scheduled posts, but that’s about it. We can’t interact at all with other pages!

We know your focus is on improving the experience for personal accounts, but there are an estimated 42 million Facebook pages. Whether someone manages one or 21 pages, interacting as a page is essential for millions of people. It’s inexcusable after all this time your app doesn’t offer this function.

Thank you for your consideration. We are heading back to the confines of our desk so we can manage our school’s page.


The Social Media Business School Faculty

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