You can’t.

Every business wants to create the next gigantic hit that goes viral, like “Chewbacca Mom” or “Dollar Shave Club.” Unfortunately, those internet sensations are extremely rare and almost impossible to duplicate.

A “viral video” is one that’s so useful or entertaining to your audience they feel compelled to share it with their own friends and followers, who then also turn around and share it with their friends and followers, etc. etc. etc.

Not only does your audience decide but their friends and friends of those friends also decide if your video is just a video, or if it goes viral. It’s a myth to think you can create that on your own.

Here are four common myths about viral videos, and what you should focus on instead:

Myth 1: You can plan to make a viral video.

False. Unfortunately, you can’t plan for something to go viral because you cannot predict whether or not people will share it.

Take for example the recent internet sensation, Ken Bone, who gained popularity after his appearance at the second 2016 presidential debate. What was it that made him go viral? His funny name? The awesome red sweater? His sweet ‘stache? It could have been nothing more than it was one of the most tweeted presidential debates in history.

No one even knew who Ken Bone was at the start of the debate but a perfect storm of circumstances created a fantastic moment on social media… instantaneously. He’s now become a celebrity, and forever branded the red sweater dude!

Myth 2: Videos only go viral if they have millions of views.

False. Social Media “experts” claim they can show you how to get more views. While some tips may increase numbers, WHO is watching your video is more important than HOW MANY views you have. If your video is being shared in other countries, how does that help you here in your local market? It’s as important to think about WHO is sharing as it is to think about what goes into the video that would be worth sharing.


A video that only has 100 views could have a GIGANTIC impact if even 50 of those viewers became sharers, and those sharers are people you want to do business with. Focus your efforts on creating videos that provide value for your very best clients and prospects rather than worrying so much about creating videos that go viral. The harder you try to impress the masses, the less you tend to impress your own client base.

Myth 3: You just need a proven formula to “make” your video go viral.

False. If you Google “How to make a viral video,” you’ll see plenty of results a variety of tips however, no one has the secret formula (well, except Google maybe but that would be cheating!)

A video captured on your smartphone can just as easily go viral as a professionally produced one. You could also be using the best keywords and tags but videos don’t go viral because of “SEO” tricks. They go viral because people share. Period.

In other words, don’t get distracted by viral video secrets and strategies that have no merit. Instead, focus on creating videos specifically to influence the people you want to do business with.

Myth 4: Asking people to share your video will help it go viral


False. How many times have you seen people post a video and say “Share if you agree” or “Please share with your friends?” Annoying right? Asking people to share your videos won’t make them go viral. That only annoys people and your chances of NOT going viral are greater because your likelihood of being blocked increases. Begging people to share is not social, and is not a strategy for anything.

Be yourself.

Your business doesn’t need to create a video that’s viewed by millions of people to make you popular. It simply needs to appeal to the people you do business with, and want to do business with so they will want to share it. You’ll find far better results starting with grassroots sharers who know, like and trust you than hoping you’ll win the internet lottery and become the next #KenBone.

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