Do you know how to hold your phone to record videos? Many people screw it up and end up with the sides cut off and it just looks horrible. If this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from V.V.S.

What is V.V.S.?

V.V.S. stands for Vertical Video Syndrome, and it occurs when people hold their phones vertically, or up and down, to shoot video. Most people hold their phones this way when they type or read, so it feels natural to record video the same way.

Ever wonder why some videos have the sides cut off? It’s because your buddy was afflicted with V.V.S. The video doesn’t look natural and wastes a ton of screen space. Just look at this:

How Not To Record Video

This primarily relates to shooting video on your phone’s camera app. Social media apps like Facebook Live and Snapchat haven’t caught up yet and still require you to shoot video vertically.

So why is V.V.S. such a huge problem?

Think about how your eyes are placed on your face. They are side-by-side, which gives you horizontal, widescreen vision. If you were meant to see vertically, your eyes would look something like this:

Horizontal Eyes for Video

Look all around you. Your TV. Your computer screen. Movie screens. All horizontal. Even social media newsfeeds are built for horizontal video.

Don’t worry… there is a cure!

Simply remember to turn your phone sideways when you record video. How easy is that?! Now, your video will look natural and fill the entire screen.

You can help eradicate V.V.S. by filming videos correctly and being a great example of how to shoot video on your phone!

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