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One of the most important culinary herbs, verdant basil brings a lush roundness to homemade dishes from pasta to a simple caprese salad. Discover all our varieties and their uses: Italian (the key ingredient in pesto), Greek, Thai and more.

  1. Genovese Basil
    Basil, Genovese
    Best basil for Italian pesto. Certified Organic.
    $5.45 - $16.95
    As low as $5.45

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  2. Basil, Sweet
    Basil, Sweet
    The main ingredient of pesto, aromatic and flavorful.
    $5.45 - $5.95
    As low as $5.45

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  3. Basil, Everleaf Thai Towers
    Basil, Everleaf Thai Towers
    Beautiful in pots, this boldly flavored basil is slow to bolt.
    $6.45 - $8.32
    As low as $6.45

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  4. Basil, Pesto Party
    Basil, Pesto Party
    Our favorite Italian basil for making pesto. Aromatic and packed with flavor.
    $6.95 - $16.95
    As low as $6.95

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  5. Basil, Large Leaf Organic
    Basil, Large Leaf Organic
    Ideal fresh for pesto and dried for soups, pasta and tomato dishes. Certified Organic.
    As low as $5.45


  6. Basil, Lemon scented, Limoncello
    Basil, Lemon scented, Limoncello
    A super-producer with wonderful lemon-scented leaves.
    $6.95 - $8.32
    As low as $6.95

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  7. Basil, Greek
    Basil, Greek
    HEIRLOOM. Great basil with tomatoes, in salads or sauces.
    As low as $5.95


  8. Basil, Siam Queen
    Basil, Siam Queen
    Highly ornamental plants.
    As low as $4.45


  9. Basil, Lemon
    Basil, Lemon
    Lemony aroma and flavor.
    $4.45 - $16.95
    As low as $4.45

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  10. Basil, Lime
    Basil, Lime
    Sweet and fragrant basil with a mild citrus taste and fragrance.
    As low as $4.45


  11. Basil, Batik
    Basil, Batik
    Fragrant Thai basil with stunning burgundy flower spikes.
    $8.32 - $8.95
    As low as $8.95

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  12. Basil, Emerald Towers
    Basil, Emerald Towers
    Beautiful columnar habit ideal for any garden- patio pots, in raised beds, small space and hydroponics.
    $5.95 - $16.95

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  13. Basil, San Remo
    Basil, San Remo
    Aromatic and flavorful, produces all summer into the cool days of fall.
    $5.95 - $16.95

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  14. Basil, Boxwood
    Basil, Boxwood
    Tight mounds of small basil leaves that resemble boxwood plants.
    $4.45 - $15.95

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  15. Basil, Pesto Perpetuo
    Basil, Pesto Perpetuo
    A masterpiece of flavor and form!
    $8.32 - $16.95

    Plant & Plant

  16. Basil, Summerlong
    Basil, Summerlong
    Breakthrough French basil is tasty, prolific and unstoppable, producing all summer long.
    $5.95 - $16.95

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Basil is a nutritious herb that is jam-packed with fiber, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Basil is also an excellent source of antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Add flavorful basil varieties with disease-resistant properties to your herb garden today.

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