Your company joined a social network with good intentions. You wanted to get your company out there talking to people in order to generate sales, right? Unfortunately, not everyone understands how social media works and many companies have unintentionally hired a person we, at Social Media Business School, know all too well…. His name is “Spammy Sammy.”


Current And Past Behavior:

1. He Pays His Way In The Door Since He Can’t Get Anyone To Invite Him


Spammy Sammy buys advertisements, e-mail lists, or fans & followers in order to crash other people’s parties online. He doesn’t have any real-world connections to help him get in the right doors so he relies on his money to pave the way.

The problem with this method is no one trust him. We can all pay our way into all kinds of parties but until the guests come to trust us, we are still standing alone. If Spammy Sammy learned how to behave like a real human being, both online and offline, showing concern for others by asking questions that don’t always lead into a sale, people might invite him to more parties and he could spend less time and money getting in the right doors.

2. He Focuses On Fan Counts and High Traffic Numbers


Spammy Sammy does not sell a product online yet he focuses all his efforts on “getting more fans.” He’ll do almost anything to get those numbers to go up – this week 100, maybe next week, he can get it to 300… that would be amazing! Sammy believes high numbers elevate his “brand” so he must be gaining traction.

You know what’s amazing? Paying clients. Who cares about 300 fans if none of them ever buy anything from you? You can elevate that number to five hundred thousand if you so choose. For what? Sammy’s caught up in the cool kids club and seriously needs to rethink his social media plan to focus on profit, not fan counts. Unfortunately, he likes the cool kids club better than the paying clients club.

3. Spammy Sammy Posts Too Much

Spammy Sammy has a lot to say but that doesn’t mean he should be cluttering up everyone’s news feed by posting something every 30 seconds! Repeatedly posting in a short amount of time is the same as if you were at a networking event talking people’s ears off without them having a chance to ever tell you who they are. It’s rude offline and it’s rude online. Sammy really needs to catch onto this lesson!

4. Spammy Sammy Auto-Posts The Same Message Across Multiple Networks

Auto-posting shows you are lazy and you just want to save time by being at several online parties without having to actually attend them. It’s ok to post the same picture to different networks, but you have to take the time to visit each network to do so. Otherwise, it just looks like Spammy Sammy has been on the scene!

5. He Also Sends Out Auto-Reply Spam

In addition to auto posting across all networks to make his job faster, Spammy Sammy also creates auto-reply messages on Twitter asking people to visit him on his Facebook page – ugh! First of all dude, this is Twitter. We don’t want to follow you on Twitter only to be told to go find you on a totally different network.

Second, auto replies are the least social behavior of all! It’s like setting up a recording to play your voice at networking events when people are talking to each other. You aren’t there but every now and again, the speaker comes on and says you are. It’s just weird.

6. Spammy Sammy LOVES The Words “Check out my ….” “Check out this…” “Check out how…” “Check out our…”


Spammy Sammy clearly doesn’t understand the listening part of social media because he’s too busy trying to get everyone to watch what he’s doing. It’s like the toddler constantly yelling at Mommy to watch the next trick. It’s irritating. And no, we don’t want to check out your anything. We want to be social, but Sammy doesn’t do social so he loses all the good opportunities.

How To Keep Sammy Away: Focus On Trust

Sammy doesn’t mean harm but he can cause problems for your business if you let him take over your social media. Remember, social media is about mingling with those you most want to do business with online in order to earn their trust. Nothing Sammy does demonstrates that kind of behavior.

If you behave the same online as you do offline, social media becomes more effective and the Sammys of the world eventually fade away. If you learn to spot the “cool” kid posts, like those from Spammy Sammy, you’ll figure out what NOT to post and self-correct accordingly. The more you practice, the sooner you’ll be on your way to determining who and what is truly worth collaborating with online, and your company will become much more trustworthy in the process.


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