This week’s question is about LinkedIn summaries. Does this sound like you?

Q: What should my ‘LinkedIn Summary say? Can I just copy and paste my resume and call it good? – Resume Randy

A: Dear Randy, the answer is NO.

Unless you are a recruiter, LinkedIn shouldn’t be viewed as a Rolodex of resumes. It should be viewed as an important weekly business event frequently attended by your clients and prospects. If you want them to notice you, you have to first notice them.

How does that apply to your LinkedIn summary? Your clients and prospects should be able to “find” themselves in YOUR LinkedIn summary. No other place on your profile allows you to talk directly to the people you want to do business with so this is where you take advantage of that space to do so.

What should you say to them? Well, if they were to buy something from you, whether a product or a service, what problem would it solve for them? You are solving a problem more than you are selling a product or service so if you ask them about that problem in your LinkedIn summary, and it could stop them in their tracks.

Here’s how one of ours looks:

LinkedIn Summary

Remember, you are only trying to gain a conversation. You aren’t going to sell the farm because someone read your LinkedIn summary. You have a few seconds to capture your buyer’s attention so write for their sake, not yours.


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