Remember flash mobs? What about the Harlem Shake? Social media phenomena apparently don’t end after college! I remember being firmly planted in a conservative corporate job when my boss asked everyone to volunteer for a flash-mob-Harlem-shake video. Oh, and we needed to find someone to plank in the front!

Clearly, social media trends bleed into businesses as quickly as #KenBone became the star of the second 2016 Presidential Debate. That means, there’s little time to decide if a hot new social media craze is actually going to be good for your business.


I know what you’re thinking…Business & social media “trends” go together like peanut butter & potatoes. Sometimes this is true; it’s hard to imagine a very buttoned-up conservative Law Office doing a silly video.

Often times, it’s not; retail and B2B organizations can gain a lot of goodwill by showcasing their sense of humor & not taking themselves too seriously. Playing along with social media trends can be a great opportunity to showcase the real, live, FUN people in your organization!

That said…trends change. Quickly. Social Media means the conversations are constantly evolving. The important thing to know is when your business should #SitOneOut.

What does #SitOneOut mean? It means you don’t belong in every conversation online just because it’s trending.


If a trend is mean-spirited, political, ranty or is negative in any way, you absolutely do not want to be associated. Only get involved in conversations online where you would be comfortable with your best clients seeing!

Do you know your client’s sense of humor, ethics and preferences beyond a shadow of a doubt? It’s likely time to #sitoneout. Posting your own opinions without first considering your clients could cost you, not only their business but their referral business in the long run. Is that hot trend really worth all that?



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