The only way to stop the noise online is to pick the group of people you most want to do business with and put yourself in a position to do business with them.

Think about how much nicer it would be if you logged in to LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook and only saw posts from clients and prospects, and organizations you support or are a part of? It would certainly feel more productive than seeing all the crap you likely see going through your feed today.

The reason so many companies are turned off by social media is because it looks like noise. And they’re right..there is a LOT of noise. However, if you take the time to clean up your newsfeeds to reflect ONLY those people and companies you do business with, and want to do business with, you’ll find the noise calms down.

This is when the truth comes out.

In order to clean up your newsfeed to reflect only those you want to do business with, you have to know (or decide) WHO YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH! Most of us have “liked” and followed all kinds of crazy things in hopes of creating a huge following – and it works, in terms of growing a following. But who gives a s**t if it’s not the companies you want to be doing business with anyway?? What good are 20,000 followers if the majority of them are not a reflection of who would actually buy from you.

If you are selling to everyone, you are selling to no one. The companies who tend to do the best online are the ones who primarily pay attention to their buyers. As long as the folks who pay their bills are happy, everyone is happy. Even if that means they have only 200 fans.

200 happy fans could easily translate into 200 happy clients, and people who pay the bills trump “likers” all day long.

We all want to be in the popular club. That’s the whole goal of this social media hoopla, right?… to be an “Influencer” so people will believe what we say, and ultimately trust us. Well, you don’t need to have 20,000 followers for people to trust you and trying to keep up with every new “social media for business” trend will only create more noise in your life.

Refine your circle. Who gets in, who stays in, who gets released to the community… it’s all your decision. If there is too much noise, you likely created it. Might be time for a little spring cleaning!


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