When it comes to your 401k, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the graphs, pie charts, and numbers involved in analyzing your account. Many financial advisors try to impress people with complicated terms like index funds, expense ratios, and blah blah blah!

Blooom, Inc. is a unique investment advisory firm who understands how to act human online. When you visit their website and social networks, they don’t try to impress you with fancy-dancy terms. Instead, their writing is easy-to-read, relatable… and funny!

For example, their motto is “No more pie charts, line graphs, or nausea.” Whew! My 401k usually gives me severe acid reflux.

They also use fun hashtags on their Facebook page and Twitter account like #BeBlooomsponsible, #DiversifyYourBagels and #AllTheSingleLadies! It doesn’t take a PhD in mathematics to understand that!

Here’s a short video explaining why we love them!


About The Social Media Business School’s “ACT HUMAN ONLINE” Series

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