We all know engineers are people who solve problems and make things work more efficiently, right? They are typically the rational brains of the world, focused on theories and principles of science and mathematics in order to develop logical economical solutions. The humanness of engineering often goes by the wayside because we tend to focus on the engineer’s brain. Fact is, engineering is filled with creative humans! They are not always so hot at showcasing that side of themselves to the world but they are definitely a creative bunch of humans. Which is why we LOVE what Dialectic is doing!

Dialectic (formerly Larson Binkley) is a mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering firm with a focus on retail, restaurant, hospitality, commercial and academic sectors. They are humanizing engineering through transparency, showcasing themselves as real people who are artists, innovators, and collaborators who want to build community. We love so many things they are doing to act human online and thought you might glean a few ideas from their efforts. Here are five things we think really make them stand out:

1. The CEO is a real guy

When the CEO is willing to make an advertisement piece with a local KC beer in his hand, you know you are working with real people!


2. About Us page is linked to staff LinkedIn profiles

Dialectic’s “About Us” page is really about YOU connecting with them. How?  Photos of all staff members are linked to their LinkedIn profiles. AWESOME SAUCE!! That’s the best way to do a contact page. If you list email addresses on your contact page, you are only asking for spam. If you connect your team’s LinkedIn profiles to the contact page, you have a better opportunity for real collaboration. *This is especially true for organizations who have business development people on staff.

Dialectic engineers

3. The staff tweets

Not only does @DialecticEng tweet but the COO Michael Combest and many other staff members also tweet under the theme #LetsTalk. People LOVE to engage with real people behind the company, especially members of the leadership team so this is a good move on their part. It’s also great to see the twitter feed pulled right into the #LetsTalk section of their website. That means people can follow and talk with them without having to leave the Dialectic environment.

dialectic blog

4. They are willing to put themselves out there 

Dialectic does a fantastic job showing the real humans behind the magic. They humbly appreciate their employees, publicly share their office game competitions, and educate us on the creative aspects of engineer life as seen here in their 4th of July celebration. The below video shows interns demonstrating the “tennis ball exercise” on Dialectic’s Youtube channel, which stimulated all kinds of conversation from our own team!

5. Posts are not spammy or promotional 

Dialectic genuinely loves people and wants to participate in conversations online. Do they post every day? No, and guess what? They don’t need to. They are focused on networking and building community instead of pushing posts out and that’s more meaningful than making sure there’s a tweet going out every hour on the hour.  They like, they share, they retweet, and they visit with other companies online…as if they were at a real networking event… which is the whole point of social networking!

well done

Dialectic is one of the top specialty engineering firms in North America, focused on retail and restaurant chains. First in the field of Experience Engineering™, they optimize infrastructures to enhance customer experience, resulting in higher revenue for clients. Their history of innovation includes over 20 years of environmentally responsible design and early adoption of digital and 3D technology. Founded in 1988, Dialectic is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., and is registered in all 50 states and eight Canadian provinces.

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