Think back to the last time you shopped for a new place to live. Whether you were searching for your dream home, or your first “grown up” apartment, searching is nerve-wracking.

We recently discovered a company called Mac Properties, who takes a unique approach to apartment hunting. The firm restores, renovates, and manages apartment buildings in Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis. After researching them online, we believe it’s obvious their goal is to help people feel an emotional connection to their apartments before they ever walk through the door. That’s why we decided to feature them in our Who’s Acting Human Online Showcase!

Here’s what we love about their fresh approach to apartment hunting:

 1. Sharing Stories About Residential Life At Mac Properties

Before you move in, it’s always a good idea to scope out who your new neighbors will be. Can you see yourself hanging out with them, or will you have to rush inside so you don’t end up in a two-hour conversation about politics with the guy next door?

Mac Properties helps you get to know your new neighbors through their “Humans of Mac” blog series. Each month, they feature stories about real residents living in their apartments. Customers often make decisions based on reviews or testimonials from others so by sharing personal stories from real tenants, they become real, and we end up feeling like we actually know them.

Humans of Mac Properties KC

Lesson: People love hearing stories about other people, especially those they can relate to. Your social media should be a reflection of WHO you do business with in a way that makes others like them more interested in finding out who you are.

2. Building A Community On AND Offline

Everyone knows one of the most important things to look for in a place to live is location, location, location. Mac Properties knows this and they show it by collaborating and showcasing the restaurants, stores, and businesses close by their apartments where residents would likely spend time.

Mac Properties Business Showcase

They understand social media is a two-way street so if they give a little love to local businesses around their properties through blogs and social media posts, they know those businesses are much more likely to reciprocate. This builds community online AND offline.

Lesson: Social media is not all about promoting yourself. It’s much more about talking with others in a way that helps everyone get to know each other. The “getting to know each other” part is what builds trust and we can’t get to know you if all you do is promote. People need to know you care about them and one of the easiest ways to demonstrate you care is by validating and sharing what THEY have going on, both on AND offline.

3. Search By WHO You Are, Not Number Of Toilets

Most apartment property websites make you search by the number of bedrooms or bathrooms you want. They may show you floor plans, but they all seem to look the same. The choices can be overwhelming.

Mac Properties personalizes that whole process by first asking WHO you are. Their website has pictures of different types of people: grad students, pet lovers, and exercise enthusiasts, just to name a few. When you click on the picture of the person you most identify with, it takes you to a page with apartment options customized for that type of lifestyle.

Mac Properties Tenants

This method of filtering is certainly more human than clicking on the number of bathrooms you want and puts a real human face to each apartment. They want you to think, “I’m a dog lover, this looks like the perfect place for me!” It gives life and personality to something you can’t find by looking at floorplans.

Lesson: Help your customers visualize themselves using your product. If your website and social networks have pictures and video of people they can identify with, they will likely start to also see themselves using the product and are more likely to buy.

Awesome Job Of Acting Human Online, Mac Properties!


To learn more about Mac Properties, please visit their website.


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